Grade R

Watch: Grade R and 1 Orientation video


  • School starts at 07:30 and finishes at 13:30 for the Grade Rs.
  • Supervision is only provided as from 07:00 each day.
  • Ensure that your child is always at school on time
  • Please try as far as possible to drop your little one off in Bruce Road next to the school hall.


  • During a normal school day, learners come to school dressed in their home clothes.
  • Please also pack a face towel and extra set of clothes.


  • House T-Shirt
  • Yellow shorts in summer
  • School tracksuit in winter
  • White socks
  • White takkies
  • School cap – Children will not be allowed to play outside without a cap.


  • Diet plays a vital role in your child’s development and ability to learn.
  • There are five food groups.
  • 5-7 portions of fruit and vegetables,
  • 5 portions of starch,
  • 1-3 portions of proteins,
  • 2-4 portions of dairy and a small amount of sugar and fat should be consumed daily.


  • All children should eat a healthy wholesome breakfast with some form of protein.
  • Porridge is a good start to the day especially if a protein is added in the form of milk.
  • Keep up your child’s energy levels by packing a healthy lunchbox.
  • Please do not pack fizzy drinks, artificial juice, sweets, cakes, cookies, chips or biscuits.


  • A 3 – 6-year-old needs between 10 and 12 hours of sleep a day.
  • A 7 – 12-year-old needs 10 to 11 hours of sleep a day to function at an optimal level.
  • This means if a child gets up at 6 in the morning they should be in bed at 8.


  • Please mark all your child’s clothing, shoes and lunchboxes.
  • You can use stitch on or iron-on labels.


  • Newsletters are sent home once a week on a Thursday.
  • Newsletter folders must be checked and emptied daily.


  • Parent-teacher correspondence.
  • Must be checked daily.


The children leave the school in the following manner:

  • Parents collect their child personally and sign the child out.
  • A driver collects the child from their classroom and signs the child out.
  • Please provide the class teacher with the details of the person who will be collecting your child each day after school.
  • Please make every effort to get your child home immediately after school.
  • Alternatively, enrol your child in aftercare where there is structured supervision.
  • It is a concern when children are left at school unsupervised until the late hours of the afternoon.

Your child’s safety is our priority!

Your child’s first day

What to expect

  • The first day of Grade R is in January.
  • Please meet in the hall at 7:30
  • Welcome by the Principal
  • Proceed to the Grade R classrooms
  • There will be a class list posted on the wall outside each classroom.
  • The teachers will help you look for your child’s name.
  • Your child will then be placed in their classroom.
  • Each child will receive a name tag/badge.
  • You will be told the procedures for the first day and first week.
  • You may wish to take a picture of your little one on their first day.
  • Once your child looks comfortable and settled, he/she will be given a fun activity to do.
  • At this stage, it is advisable to say a confident but reassuring good-bye.
  • Your child will be in the capable and loving care of their teacher.
  • Go home and have a good cup of tea. Be assured all is well.
  • You can collect your child between 13:00 & 13:30 at the Hall gate.